Current Open Source Publications of General Interest

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Preparing for the relaunch of my course on free/libre, and open source software, I took stock of the general-interest papers I wrote about open source. From this list, I’m omitting (overly) academic papers; all of these papers should be broadly understandable.

Introduction to Open Source

Open Source and Intellectual Property

  • None yet.

Open Source Project Communities

Open Source Software Engineering

  • None yet.

Open Source Governance

Open Source Developer Foundations

Open Source User Foundations

Open Source Distributors

  • None yet.

Single-Vendor Open Source Firms

Open Source Labor Economics

Inner Source


  1. Dirk Riehle Avatar

    Hi Mohammad, I guess you are talking about my FLOSS course? Syllabus here: — For now, it will remain a traditional course, not online. If the revamping works out, I will make my slides publically available under a CC license, but this might take a while.

  2. Mohammad Avatar

    Hi Dr. Dirk,
    Great to hear that.
    Is it MOOC ? Which platform did you use to lunch your course (Hope it is an English one)

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