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Farewell, my first-Gen OnePlus

This is my first-generation OnePlus. I dropped it and now it is broken. You may notice that I marked it up as China only, which means that I would use it in Mainland China only.

I travel a lot to the PRC and the first time I brought this OnePlus and put in a Chinese SIM card, it went dark. It rebooted after about 45 seconds. The sales agent (for the SIM card), looked at me and asked whether this was a China-made cell phone, which I confirmed. She nodded solemnly.

Ever since, my OnePlus has not been the same. At home, when plugged in, at 4am every night, it would play music from my on-phone music library. I have no idea why. Maybe it was entertaining itself while calling home? So many things I will never know. Farewell, my OnePlus!



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