Manufacturing Independence in the Age of the Cloud

Intel just announced a US$ 33B investment in creating chip manufacturing plants in Europe, about half of which will go to the (otherwise rather quaint) town of Magdeburg in Germany. In almost any respect this is good news. It creates jobs in Europe and Germany. It will instigate a local ecosystem of suppliers and entrepreneurs. Knowledge will diffuse and spread, creating more innovation, companies, and jobs.

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Commercial Participation in OpenStack (Zhang et al., IEEE Computer Column)

I’m happy to report that the 19th article in the Open Source Expanded column of IEEE Computer has been published.

TitleCommercial Participation in OpenStack
KeywordsOpenStack, Open Source Software
AuthorsYuxia Zhang, Hao He, Minghui Zhou
PublicationComputer vol. 55, no. 2 (February 2022), pp. 78-84

Abstract: This article provides a overview of commercial participation in OpenStack, a large-scale open source software (OSS) ecosystem. We discuss how to achieve a balance between maximizing business profit and ensuring the long-term sustainability of OSS ecosystems.

As always, the article is freely available (local copy).

Also, check out the full list of articles.

Open Source is Not The Infrastructure of Modern Society…

Cloud services are the actual infrastructure. Open source is the blueprints and building materials of our digital infrastructure. Infrastructure should be built from open source, but it is important to understand the difference between software and a service, because there is a person in the middle, the one operating the service. There will be no digital sovereignty just with open source, only with transparent services. The combination creates the necessary infrastructure and resulting sovereignty.

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How to Fund Your Startup (Using Public Grants, in Germany, 2022 Edition)

In this short video, I provide an explanation of how anyone with a team and an idea can get public funding to kick off their venture. I appear to be speaking to my students, but the funding is really available to anyone (with a German address and work permit). If this is you, feel free to get in touch! Happy 2022!

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The Success of log4j

log4j (2) demonstrates the tremendous success of the open source development model (and not the opposite, as some might believe because of the recent vulnerability).

A huge number of companies use log4j in their products. What else spells success better?

However, what those companies failed to do is to properly manage their risk, here the dependency on open source. That’s on the companies, and not on the open source model, which works just fine, thank you.

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