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A short history of open source business conferences

Out of curiosity about the recent resurgence of open source business conferences, here a short listing of those that I’m aware of. Feel free to add others in the comments.

NameFirst yearFoundersOutcome
Open Source Think Tank1999Andrew Aitken, Greg OlsonPrivately held; last event in 2013
Open Source Business Conference2004Matt Asay, MIke Dutton, Brett Haskins, Bryce RobertsSold to IDG in 2004, shut down in 2011
Open Source Meets Business2006Richard Seibt, Open Source Business Foundation e.V.Managed by Heise Events, shut down in 2010
Open Core Summit2019Joseph JacksPrivately held
Open Source Founders’ Summit2024Remy Bertot, Emily OmierPrivately held

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    1. Dirk Riehle Avatar

      Yes, thanks! Indeed. However, I’m not sure it is open for the public to register and participate.

      1. Dirk Riehle Avatar

        I just checked and it appears you don’t have be an APELL member (any longer) in order to participate.

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