Controlling and Steering Open Source Projects [Computer Magazine]

The IEEE just published a short version of the “control points and steering mechanisms” article. Here is the abstract. Please see the original for more details.

Abstract: Open source software has become an important part of the software business. In a 2009 survey, Forrester Research found that 46 percent of all responding enterprises were using or implementing open source software. Moreover, in 2009, the Gartner Group estimated that by 2012, at least 80 percent of all software product firms will use open source software. Thus, it’s important to understand how software product firms depend on open source and how they manage that dependency to meet their business goals. There are three main types of software product firms. […]

Keywords: Open source, open source projects, single-vendor open source, community open source, commercial open source, open source business models.

Reference: Dirk Riehle. “Controlling and Steering Open Source Projects.” IEEE Computer vol. 44, no. 7 (July 2011). Page 93-96.

The paper is available as a PDF file and in the aforementioned longer web-based version.


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  1. […] Dirk (2011). Controlling and Steering Open Source Projects. IEEE Computer vol. 44, no. 7 (July 2011), […]

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