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Open digital safety (McGregor, IEEE Computer)

I’m happy to report that the 28th article in the open source column of IEEE Computer has been published.

TitleOpen digital safety
KeywordsDigital Systems, Safety, Digital Safety, Training Data, Open Source, Digital Technologies, Traffic Accidents, Safety Data, Open Data, Safety Culture, Defamation, Event Organizers, Data For Model Training, Tech Companies, Open Movement, Open Source Community, Harmful Content, Mature Industries, Product Categories, Newspaper Articles, Sexual Harassment, Law Professor
AuthorsSean McGregor
PublicationComputer vol. 57, no. 4 (April 2024), pp 99-103

Abstract: This work makes the argument for elevating “safety data” as a class of obliged-to-share open data among intelligent system vendors so developers of digital systems can produce safer systems without independently producing repeated harms.

As always, the article is freely available (local copy).

Also, check out the full list of articles.

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