Open Source Expanded (New Column)

Open Source Expanded is the name of a new column (open-ended article series) that I’m editing for IEEE Computer Magazine. Expect a new article on open source and how it is changing the world every two months!

The first article on the innovations of open source was just published, kicking of the column. I could not negotiate an open license, however, all articles will be free to read and download.

My introductory article will be followed by articles by other authors. I will source articles from the community of open source practitioners and researchers as is appropriate for me in an editor role.

The first batch of articles will cover the basics. This is the line-up:

1.April 2019The innovations of open source
2.June 2019Open source licenses explained
3.August 2019Open source license compliance
4.October 2019Getting started with open source
5.December 2019Selecting open source components
6.February 2020Managing open source dependencies
7.April 2020Single-vendor open source firms
8.June 2020Managing the open source supply chain
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I am structuring the column into themes. The next theme is likely to be open source communities and engineering.

I’m open for suggestions so please send me your thoughts on what you think would make good articles. Naturally, I hope for comments, praise or how to improve, as well!

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