Open Source License Compliance–Why and How? (Hendrik Schoettle, IEEE Computer Column)

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I’m happy to report that the third article in the new Open Source Expanded column of IEEE Computer has been published.

TitleOpen Source License Compliance–Why and How?
KeywordsOpen Source Software, Licenses, Software Packages
AuthorsHendrik Schoettle, Osborne Clarke, Munich, Germany
PublicationComputer vol. 52, no. 8 (August 2019), pp 63-67

Abstract: Compliance with open source software (OSS) license requirements is necessary but often overlooked. This article explains how OSS license compliance differs from compliance with commercial software licenses, why it is necessary even though OSS is generally free, and what requirements have to be met with OSS.

As always, the article is freely available (local copy).

Also, check out the full list of articles.


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