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Women in open source: We need to talk about it (Trinkenreich et al., IEEE Computer Column)

I’m happy to report that the 22nd article in the open source column of IEEE Computer has been published.

TitleWomen in Open Source: We Need to Talk About It
AuthorsBianca Trinkenreich, Marco Aurelio Gerosa, and Igor Steinmacher (Northern Arizona University)
PublicationComputer vol. 55, no. 12 (December 2022), pp 145-149

Abstract: Women are underrepresented in open source projects, causing them to lose career and skill-development opportunities. This article highlights the challenges that women face being a part of open source projects and lists a set of strategies that communities can implement to mitigate these issues.

As always, the article is freely available (local copy).

Also, check out the full list of articles.

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