Enabling Open Innovation with Open Data using the JValue Open Data Service

Today I gave my JValue Open Data Service talk at USM (University of Sciences, Malaysia, at Penang). I am grateful for the opportunity and the recording.

Abstract: Open data has the potential to create significant practical value for its users through open innovation. Yet, to realize this value, we need an open ecosystem, next to open data, that allows app developers to create that value. In this talk I present my view of this open ecosystem of open data and how it should be structured. I then present the JValue Open Data Service (ODS), an open source software under development at my research group, that provides a key piece of this ecosystem. The goal of the JValue ODS project is to enable open innovation through app developers.

Both a talk recording as well as the presentation slides are available. You can watch the recording below, but I recommend you separately download and follow the slides, because the recording cut off a substantial part of the presentation.

In unrelated news, those who know me, may have noticed how my English language speaking pace has slowed down over the years and how I put more emphasis on pronunciation. At the same time, listening to myself, it really feels like I’m droning on and I wouldn’t be surprised if, despite the exciting content, I send people to sleep. Any suggestions on how to best speak broadly understandable English for non-native speakers like my students are appreciated.

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  1. […] agencies view having to lay open some of their data as a nuisance. The should rather view this as an opportunity for the economy and society to innovate on the data its tax euros pay […]

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