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Three open data sources made easy

What are the the top three most promising open data sources that you would like to combine for an innovative app or data analysis?

Please let us know and we will try to make it easy for you.

In more detail (for developers)

Open data can be hard to use: Every data source is different, may have data quality issues, and sometimes isn’t even online. We are looking to hear from you about the top three open data sources you’d like to combine for an innovative app or data analysis, but couldn’t do so yet, because getting to the data was just too annoying. We will put the JValue Open Data Service (ODS) to work so that you get one API to access them (your data sources) all. That API is provided by the ODS and hides the original three disparate data source APIs, making your life easier (one API to learn rather than many).

Example combination of open data sources

For predicting water consumption

  • Current event data (e.g. soccer games),
  • historic water consumption data, and
  • weather data

will help you predict when and how many people will flush their toilets (i.e. when the game breaks are or the game ends).

Ideally, you can point us to a specific open data source rather than generically assume there is one.

What would you combine Johns Hopkins’ COVID-19 data with?

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