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Summaries of The AMOS Projects Winter 2018/19

I just helped finish three AMOS projects, all with IAV Engineering, at TU Berlin (Prof. Schieferdecker). Below, please find the project summaries for the projects:

  1. FlyInn (a multi-modal app to manage a large array of embedded devices),
  2. Corridor Navigation (an app to provide multi-path navigation suggestions), and
  3. Adrenaline (an app for the motorbiking community to connect and share.


Project nameFlyInn
Project missionFlyInn aims at providing an improved multi-modal experience by enabling users to control their smartphone from an embedded device. The project’s final product should be an MVP, showing people how the technology works so that potential users or companies might be interested in the product. FlyInn should cover 95% of all devices (Android) and all different display types. The MVP should run on a common device, 2 other and in the best case on 4 other devices.
Industry partnerIAV Engineering
Project logo
Project summaryFor the FlyInn AMOS project, our team of 9 students worked together with the IAV Digital Lab to create the FlyInn app. It allows for the remote control of a user’s smartphone through the screen of an embedded device, to be deployed on bicycles or e-bikes. We were able to overcome our inexperience with the Android stack and related technologies and achieve a steady and productive work rhythm as a team, in large part thanks to the SCRUM approach which was followed rigorously. All main envisaged features were implemented successfully and the finished product attracted highly positive reactions at the AMOS demo day.
Project illustration
Team photoN/A
Project repositoryhttps://github.com/amos-flyinn/amos-tub-ws18-proj1

Corridor Navigation

Project nameCorridor Navigation
Project missionOur mission is to develop a working basic navigation application that features route coloring and real-time route calculation for every single point of choice. The developed app is stable and performant and calculates the shortest three routes from an arbitrary point of choice to the destination. It may be extended with more features (e.g. calculation of route depending on traffic) in the future.
Industry partnerIAV Engineering
Project logo
Project summaryTo solve the problem that is stated in our project mission, an Android application is built on the Mapbox SDK. By taking this approach, two challenges had to be solved: how to draw alternative routes on this map and how to calculate alternative routes? Mapbox provides an ​ API service​ for calculating routes, which is limited to 50k free requests per month. By calculating alternative routes at every intersection, this becomes costly. In order to solve this, a self managed routing server using ​ OSRM​ (Open Streetmap Routing Machine) is set up to make the project independent from the commercial Mapbox routing service […]
Project illustration
Team photo
Project repositoryhttps://github.com/AMOS-Project-TU-Berlin-Team-2/Corridor-Navigation-Android


Project nameAdrenaline
Project missionThe mission of this project is to achieve a functional product that has the core features implemented. Simple users/bikers should be able to create a profile to be able interact with other users through chats, to share and attend events and to create routes. Business customers should have a platform to promote their services.
Industry partnerIAV Engineering
Project logo
Project summaryOur team, composed out of 9 members, all with different technical backgrounds, got together to develop an app meant to bring the motorbiking community closer by designing a space that would allow members to share their interests with other fellow bikers. The app allows the creation of 2 user types, basic users and business customers, thus giving businesses an opportunity to connect with the community. After 4 months of hard work, our team managed to successfully implement all the core features of the product. The current version of app looks promising, allowing space for further development and feature addition.
Project illustration
Team photo
Project repositoryhttps://github.com/Paraffinum/AMOS-WS18-19-Project-3


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