Open Source Career 2014 Talk Slides, Photos, and Video

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The talk “The Open Source Software Developer Career and its Benefits”, which I gave at the 2014 Entwicklertag in Karlsruhe earlier this year, is now fully documented. You can take a look at the original paper, talk slides, event photos, and finally (woohoo!) a quality video recording courtesy of Andrena, the organizers of the Entwicklertag. For simplicity’s sake, below please find an embedded Youtube video (local copy).


  1. […] Open Source Software (OSS) is no longer a contentious subject to raise in Wall Street when the NYSE and High Frequency Trading setups rely so heavily on it.   Jim Zemlin, Director of the Linux Foundation recently addressed a select Wall Street audience asserting that those with engineering skills to work with and adapt OSS stood to benefit:  “All this has led, said Zemlin, to “a software talent war. Top software talent is at an all-time premium and open source developers are demanding a premium over others.””.   Meanwhile Dirk Riehle, a professor of Open Source based in Germany, has provided some useful guidance for those interested a technical career working with OSS. […]

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