Linux-Tag Keynote Slides: A New Developer Career

I just finished my Linux-Tag 2010 keynote and so I’m providing the talk slides here under the Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license. First title and abstract:

Title: Open Source: A New Developer Career

Abstract: Open source creates a new career ladder for software developers, orthogonal to the traditional career in software firms. Advancing on this career ladder can win developers broader recognition for their work, increase their salaries, and improve their job security. Software developers, project and hiring managers, and personnel departments alike need to understand this new dimension in a developer’s career. This talk explains the career and discusses what skills a developer should possess or train to be successful.

Then the slides as PDF or below embedded from Slideshare.

Reference: Dirk Riehle. “Open Source: A New Developer Career.” Keynote at Linux-Tag 2010. Berlin, Germany: 2010. Available under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license.

A video of this talk at the CeBIT 2010 Open Source Forum should still be available.

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  1. I always find well-written slides, which these appear to be, do not carry the complete message imparted by the given speech without reference to the text of the speech. Could you also provide a link to the text so we may recreate the experience of being present at the keynote.
    Thank you

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