Upcoming Talks in June and July 2023

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2023-05-31: User-led open source projects (free, in person, in Berlin) at Open Logistics Foundation’s Open Source Innovation Day 2023

2023-06-23: The corporate open source strategy (commercial, in person, in Montreal) at the TTI/Vanguard Rebooting Computing conference

2023-06-26: Creating a ROS Distribution (free, in person, in Lisbon) at INESC-ID / University of Lisbon respectively, courtesy of Rito-Silva

2023-07-18: Was letztes Jahr im Open Source geschah (free, online, in German) at BITKOM webinar series

2023-07-21: Open source license compliance (commercial, online) through Bayave GmbH (training services)

2023-07-28: Open source strategies (internal dry run, public next year) at University of Erlangen as part of research to startup.

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