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Upcoming talk on how to achieve flow with the right batch size? by Konrad Swistelnicki of mbition

We will be hosting an industry talk on “How to achieve flow with the right batch size?” The talk is free and open to the public.

  • by: Konrad Swistelnicki of mbition (Daimler)
  • about: How to achieve flow with the right batch size?
  • on: January 13th, 2022, 10:15 Uhr
  • on: Zoom  (link after registration)
  • as part of: AMOS speaker series


During the session, participants will learn about critical principles for optimizing bottlenecks and ensuring effective flow of work. Lecture will provide an opportunity to understand and experience the importance of visualization, limiting work in progress and reducing batch sizes by simulating different scenarios in the short game (penny game). The simulation will help to understand key principles of agile and kanban. It will also become a tool in coaches’ toolkit that might be used with future teams during retrospectives, coaching or training sessions.


Konrad Swistelnicki is Master of science and engineer in Information Technologies who gained his professional experience in Poland, Germany and the USA. His career started as a software developer. At that time, he also discovered the advantages of Agile Methodologies which resulted in certifications in Professional Scrum Master and Scaled Agile Framework Consultant. Currently working as Agile Coach and Agile Project Manager in Germany, he supports teams and organizations in transformation to Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). Fascination and experience in Agile Methods (Scrum, Kanban Method, SAFe) allows him to work as a successful leader delivering great quality software.


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