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Upcoming industry talk on enabling digital transformation via scaling agile in the financial industry by Munir Mahrufi and Liang Que of Deloitte Consulting GmbH

We will host an industry talk on “Enabling Digital Transformation via Scaling Agile in the Financial Industry” in AMOS, our agile methods course. The talk is free and open to the public.

  • by: Munir Mahrufi and Liang Que, Deloitte Consulting GmbH
  • about: Enabling Digital Transformation in the Financial Industry
  • on: December 5th, 2019, 08:30 Uhr
  • at: TU Berlin, HFT TA 441 (Lehrstuhl Schieferdecker, Einsteinufer 25)
  • as part of: AMOS speaker series


“Every business is a software business now. Agility isn’t an option, or a thing just for teams, it is a business imperative. But we struggle building big systems” – With this sentence Dean Leffingwell makes clear that Digital Transformation is not feasible without scaled agile approaches. In addition, we need to understand that changes will never be this slow again and need start thinking exponentially. This means that with every new invention, such as quantum computing, we have to deal with an unexpected number of changes. The financial companies must prepare themselves for the future and scaled agile approaches give them this flexibility.

During our interactive presentation we will address the following agenda:

  • Getting an understanding of the phases of a digital transformation journey
  • Learn practical examples of how digitization projects have been carried out
  • How does the agile way of working supports a digitization strategy
  • How to scale up a digitization strategy


Munir is a Manager at Deloitte Consulting and has extensive consulting experience in the financial industry with a special focus on holistic agile organizational transformation in the digital environment (e.g. using the LaCoCa-Model). As an agile coach, trainer and sparring partner, his focus is on team and leadership empowerment as well as the establishment of employee-induced change initiatives. Another expertise is the scaling of agile approaches (e.g. SAFe, LeSS, Spotify model). Prior to Deloitte, he studied Business Information Systems at the University of Essen and specialized in scaled agile approaches.

Liang is a manager i.e. specialist lead with focus of enterprise agile transformation and architecture management. He serves multiple industries e.g. large international banks, insurers, automotive OEMs and telecommunication firms on complex digital agile transformation challenges. He has expertise in coaching clients from strategy to concepts implementation, thanks to his bottom-up working knowledge of software engineering, DevOps, and product management etc. Additionally, Liang is a conference speaker and trainer in his specialist areas. In the last three years, he has trained 600+ client executives, employees and internal colleagues on different scaled agile frameworks and architecture practices.

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