Looking for Examples of Open Source User Consortia

We are researching the governance of open source software foundations. We are specifically interested in what we call open source user consortia, that is, open source foundations where the users of the software are in the driver’s seat.

A primary example would be Kuali, which hosts the development of software for academic institutions. A more recent example might be the ASWF, aiming to host the development of software needed for motion picture creation. The boundaries are fuzzy, for example, I also think that the Eclipse industry working group OpenMDM is an example, because it is the automotive industry developing software for its own use. (It doesn’t matter to us whether the user consortium is legally its own entity or not as long as it has its own governance structure.)

I would appreciate very much any pointers to or names of independent or dependent organizations who seem to fit this bill so that we can analyse their governance structures for our research. Just hit reply or send email to dirk@riehle.org. Thanks a lot!


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