Best of “As a Developer, I Want…” Student User Stories, Raw and Unfiltered

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Over on Twitter, the ever amazing and amusing time sink, @AdamPridmore, @KevlinHenney, and @JensColdewey are discussing the merit of software developers as stakeholders in user stories.

Despair not! I’ve got the goods. From my Scrum student projects (I run those day-in, day-out), here is the classic one:

As a developer, I want to learn Java to be able to program and earn a top grade.

I looked through the last few feature archives (the place where stories go to rest) from my student projects. Here are some fine exemplars of developer user stories. Have fun!

  • As a team member in team 1 I want to have a communication channel to the team so that I can contact my co-students with questions or news about the project.
  • As a team member in team 1, I want to have this planning document initialized so that Max stops bugging us about it.
  • As a developer, I want to be able to write tests for the backend project in order to generate trust in my work
  • As a Product owner I want to create a concept to ensure quality so I can rely on the product.
  • As a developer, I have to take the example of Hannes and deploy it, to prepare the set up of the project
  • As a team member in team 1, I want to have a documentation of all our Materials, that we use.
  • As a software developer in team 1, I want to define the general Structure of our Software so that I know what Technologies we will need to finish the task.
  • As stakeholder, I want to be able to visit the Github page of this project in order to get some information about it
  • As a stakeholder I want to get an overview over the architecture and the used technology stack of the project.
  • As a stakeholder, I want to access an running instance of the latest release of the AdminWebApp project in order to view the progress
  • Als Entwickler möchte ich, dass die Entwicklungsumgebung aufgesetzt ist
  • As a developer, I want to gain knowledge on the RASA Core so I can use it for my daily tasks.
  • As a developer I want to create a system architecture so I can structure the functionality of the program.
  • As a developer, I want to have the possibilty to easily add tests to ensure the build quality.
  • As a release manager, I want to have tests to verify everything is working before doing a release.
  • As a developer, I want to have complete CI toolchain
  • Als Entwickler informiere ich mich über Gradle, um es nutzen zu können
  • As software developers, we need to finalize on technologies for the stack
  • As a developer I have to adapt the Docker Image, to set up the project
  • Als Entwickler möchte ich, dass der Technologie-Stack geklärt ist


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