Startupinformatik at IT-Gipfel Göttingen #itgipfelgoe

I just returned from a presentation (and panel discussion) about entrepreneurship and Startupinformatik, my structured approach to creating student startups from a computer science Master’s program. Below, please find the slides of my presentation.

[slideshare id=72790387&doc=startupinformatik-170303233054]

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  1. Very interesting, thanks for sharing!
    I’m not sure about the Business person (sales focused) (“hustler”), though. I’d rather have one Product manager (“designer”) and two Developers (“coders”), one or two of which can do customer development (as explained in Example: founding team of Berlin-based Elohna GmbH.

    1. In the early stages, more developers is usually better than less developers 😉 I think these three skills / roles are usually named as the key to raising a first financing round.

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