Best Quotes for Promoting Open Source Developer Career Article

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IEEE Computer asked me about some quotes for promoting my recent article on developer careers, to be used on their social media channels. Naturally, I had a field day. A brainstorm ensued. Here are some of the better ones I suggested to them:

The changing career of programmers: Open source to help or hurt?

Ever wondered whether open source makes programmers look good?

And you thought, open source was a communist invention?

If you are a programmer, here’s to that salary increase:

What the world’s best programmers want you to know about open source:

The way to Google is paved with good open source.

As an agile programmer, I code open source, for fun, fame, and profit.

Open source: Helping programmers have a better life since 1998!

Free software: Making open source programmers happy since 1985!



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