Pre-test Survey on What Drives Enterprise Micro-blogging Adoption

My collaborators on the Enterprise Micro-blogging Adoption study at the Humboldt University of Berlin are at it again. In this second step, we are working to refine our understanding of what drives micro-blogging adoption in the enterprise. For this, we are looking for participants in a short pre-test survey. Here the survey summary:

You are using Twitter. We would like you to imagine the use of a Twitter-like system for internal collaboration and communication within your enterprise. We are interested in how, why, or why not you would use such a system on the job. We know that your time is very valuable. However, we hope that you can find 10 minutes to complete our survey. As a thank-you every second participant receives a $5 gift card.

Please help out by taking the survey! You input is much appreciated, and if we get enough contributors, you will certainly read about the results of the survey and the adoption model on this blog.

Here the link to the survey: Thanks so much!


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  1. Martin Seibert Avatar
  2. Dirk Riehle Avatar

    We will certainly publish the results—if we get any! Right now we are at 50% of the survey respondents we need. If we don’t reach our goal there won’t be any statistically significant conclusions 🙁

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