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Micro-Blogging in the Enterprise: Focus Groups Evaluation Results

A couple of weeks ago, Oliver Günther and I reported about the results of the Micro-Blogging in the Enterprise Focus Groups we had undertaken in December 2008. The report was an internal talk at SAP Labs LLC in Palo Alto and drew a record audience. I’m glad to report that we can publish the slides for this talk. Mark Finnern had previously blogged about it. If you are interested in this work, a more comprehensive presentation can be found in our upcoming AMCIS paper on micro-blogging adoption in the enterprise.

Abstract: Twitter is taking the world by storm. Is this consumer service also relevant for the enterprise software world? In December 2008, we undertook several focus groups with the goal of understanding enterprise micro-blogging as a possible stand-alone product or at least a major feature of business applications. We analyzed the focus groups’ transcriptions from a technology adoption perspective: Would people buy? What core issues might drive or hinder adoption? The results are in line with expectations for this fast-growing medium of communication and collaboration. We can now put more emphasis on determining what features and drivers are more important than others. This talk presents our results […]

[slideshare id=1317161&doc=mubloggingfocusgroupsevalfinalweb-090420135034-phpapp02]

Also available as a PDF file.

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