Ward Cunningham: What If Bacteria Designed Computers?

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On March 30th, 2008, Ward Cunningham will unveil his latest innovation at the DorkBotPDX 0x01 event in Portland, Oregon. Don’t miss this chance to meet and listen to one of the great innovators in computer science.


Abstract: What If Bacteria Designed Computers? This talk explores Bynase, the biologically inspired protocol that Cybord computers use to signal values amongst themselves. The primary value of Bynase is that it drives system designers into novel tradeoffs with analogies in biological systems. A second value of Bynase is that it encourages casual small-scale hardware/software projects suitable for one-off art or educational projects.

PS: If you like biologically inspired approaches to software (systems building), please consider submitting a short paper to Onward! 2008 at OOPSLA, see Onward! 2008 Call for Papers.


The talk took place and here is the DorkBotPDX 0x01 session summary.


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