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  1. Fernando Crespo

    I read your paper of Computer’s IEEE. And I like to know over links to research over open source med­ical soft­ware. This report was more impor­tant to me.

    Fer­nan­do Cre­spo R.

  2. Mekki MacAulay

    I note that a lot of your work is CC licensed. Great stuff! I came across your page when doing research for an IEEE con­fer­ence pre­sen­ta­tion on open source.

    It would be real­ly help­ful for peo­ple like me if there were a gen­er­al copy­right state­ment in the “About” sec­tion. Some­thing like “Unless oth­er­wise spec­i­fied, things on this page are licensed as CC BY-SA-NC”, or what­ev­er license you feel com­fort­able with (or none, if that’s your choice).

    I make a point of respect­ing the choic­es of authors with their work and it’s help­ful to locate that choice in an easy to see place on the page.

    Keep up the great work! 🙂

  3. Dirk Riehle

    Hi Mekki,

    thanks for the note. I make a point of being explic­it in licens­ing but the default is indeed © by me unless spec­i­fied oth­er­wise, i.e. no license.

    Fair use rights let’s you take things in rea­son­able quan­ti­ties but if you want to reuse whole works and I didn’t spec­i­fy a license, I’d prefer if you talk to me. (Always curi­ous.)



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