I’m a professor of computer science at a large university in Germany. When I became a professor, I had worked in the software industry for 15 years. I have lived and worked in Germany, Switzerland, and the U.S.A. Also, project travel brings me to S/E Asia a lot. I can be reached

There is also a one-paragraph bio and a half-a-page bio available.

I’m not interested in paid (nor unpaid) guest posts for this site.

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  1. I read your paper of Computer’s IEEE. And I like to know over links to research over open source medical software. This report was more important to me.
    Fernando Crespo R.

  2. I note that a lot of your work is CC licensed. Great stuff! I came across your page when doing research for an IEEE conference presentation on open source.
    It would be really helpful for people like me if there were a general copyright statement in the “About” section. Something like “Unless otherwise specified, things on this page are licensed as CC BY-SA-NC”, or whatever license you feel comfortable with (or none, if that’s your choice).
    I make a point of respecting the choices of authors with their work and it’s helpful to locate that choice in an easy to see place on the page.
    Keep up the great work! 🙂

  3. Hi Mekki,
    thanks for the note. I make a point of being explicit in licensing but the default is indeed (C) by me unless specified otherwise, i.e. no license.
    Fair use rights let’s you take things in reasonable quantities but if you want to reuse whole works and I didn’t specify a license, I’d prefer if you talk to me. (Always curious.)

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