The Business of Open Models

I’m at beau­ti­ful Schloss Dagstuhl once again this week, for a sem­i­nar on “Open Mod­els as a Foun­da­tion of Future Enter­prise Sys­tems”. I was asked to spin some thoughts on what the Open Mod­els Ini­tia­tive could learn from open source. The result is a short but sweet pre­sen­ta­tion on “the busi­ness of open mod­els”. My may­be obvi­ous state­ment is that for open mod­els to be sus­tain­able, they’ll need a busi­ness mod­el. My sug­ges­tion is to cre­ate devel­op­er foun­da­tions like Apache or Eclipse for this. The slides are avail­able as a PDF and through Slideshare, see below:

2 thoughts on “The Business of Open Models

  1. Mike Linksvayer

    The web­site says “The web­site hosts the Open Mod­el Ini­tia­tive, a project to col­lab­o­ra­tive­ly devel­op enter­prise ref­er­ence mod­els for every­one to copy, use, mod­i­fy, and (re-)distribute in an open and pub­lic process.”

    The footer says con­tent is licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA.

    The most obvi­ous thing they could learn from open source is that “open” means not only every­one, but any pur­pose, includ­ing com­mer­cial.

    They may­be appre­ci­ate this, eg so it is rather unfor­tu­nate to see the Non­Com­mer­cial con­di­tion attached to the site.

  2. Dirk Riehle Post author

    I think the NC part is meant for the site itself, not for the mod­els. I’m not a fan of NC either, but it doesn’t both­er me much as long as it is not the mod­el license.


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