Category: 4.4 Wikis and Wikipedia

  • WOM: An Object Model for Wikitext [Technical Report]

    Abstract: Wikipedia is a rich encyclopedia that is not only of great use to its contributors and readers but also to researchers and providers of third party software around Wikipedia. However, Wikipedia’s content is only available as Wikitext, the markup language in which articles on Wikipedia are written, and whoever needs to access the content […]

  • The Parser That Cracked The MediaWiki Code

    I am happy to announce that we finally open sourced the Sweble Wikitext parser. You can find the announcement on my research group’s blog or directly on the Sweble project site. This is the work of Hannes Dohrn, my first Ph.D. student, who I hired in 2009 to implement a Wikitext parser. So what about […]

  • Learning from Wikipedia: Open Collaboration within Corporations

    Wikipedia is the free online encyclopedia that has taken the Internet by storm. It is written and administered solely by volunteers. How exactly did this come about and how does it work? Can it keep working? And maybe more importantly, can you transfer its practices to the workplace to achieve similar levels of dedication and […]

  • A Grammar for Standardized Wiki Markup

    Authors: Martin Junghans, Dirk Riehle, Rama Gurram, Matthias Kaiser, Mário Lopes, Umit Yalcinalp Abstract: Today’s wiki engines are not interoperable. The rendering engine is tied to the processing tools which are tied to the wiki editors. This is an unfortunate consequence of the lack of rigorously specified standards. This paper discusses an EBNF-based grammar for […]

  • Bringing Wikipedia to Work: Open Collaboration within Corporations

    This upcoming Wikimania 2008 tutorial discusses the three principles of “open collaboration” which I believe are underlying wikis, open source, and other forms of peer production. It is a follow-up to last year’s tutorial about open collaboration at Wikimania 2007. If the slideshow doesn’t play, please use the PDF file download below. [slideshare id=437792&doc=opencollaboration-1212166751781014-9] Reference: […]

  • Wiki Creole Grammar, Schema, Transformations Made Available

    For wiki research purposes as well as the Wiki Creole community‘s convenience, we are making our EBNF grammar, the XML schema definition, and the to/from XML transformations available. You can use these specifications to create your own wiki parsers (using parser generators) as well as use standard technology (DOM, XSLT) to work with wiki pages […]