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WikiSym + OpenSym 2013 Proceedings Published!

The WikiSym + OpenSym 2013 proceedings have been made available online. Please see below for the table of contents, including through-clickable papers. All papers listed can be cited as appearing in the Proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Open Collaboration (WikiSym + OpenSym 2013). ACM, 2013.



FWAbstractForeword, Table of Contents, Committees, SponsorsDirk Riehle


A1Full PaperAnalyzing Multi-Dimensional Networks within MediaWikisBrian Keegan, Arber Ceni, Marc Smith
A2Full PaperDesign and Implementation of Wiki Content Transformations and RefactoringsHannes Dohrn, Dirk Riehle
A3Full PaperProject talk: Coordination work and group membership in WikiProjectsJonathan T. Morgan, Michael Gilbert, David McDonald, Mark Zachry
A4Full PaperSongrium: A Music Browsing Assistance Service Based on Visualization of Massive Open Collaboration Within Music Content Creation CommunityMasahiro Hamasaki, Masataka Goto
A5Full PaperManaging Complexity: Strategies for group awareness and coordinated action in WikipediaMichael Gilbert, Jonathan Morgan, David McDonald, Mark Zachry


B1Full PaperWhen the Levee Breaks: Without Bots, What Happens to Wikipedia’s Quality ControlR.Stuart Geiger and Aaron Halfaker
B2Full PaperA History of Newswork on WikipediaBrian Keegan
B3Full PaperTell Me More: An Actionable Quality Model for WikipediaMorten Warncke-Wang, Dan Cosley and John Riedl
B4Full PaperGetting to the Source: Where does Wikipedia Get Its Information From?Heather Ford, David R. Musicant, Shilad Sen, Nathaniel Miller
B5Full PaperRevision graph extraction in Wikipedia based on supergram decompositionJianmin Wu, Mizuho Iwaihara
B6Full PaperThe Illiterate Editor: Metadata-driven Revert Detection in WikipediaJeffrey Segall, Rachel Greenstadt
B7Full PaperThe role of conflict in determining consensus on quality in Wikipedia articlesKim Osman
B8Full PaperPartial Automation for Human Tasks in a Collaborative System: The Case of Deletion in WikipediaBluma S. Gelley, Torsten Suel
B9Short PaperTemporal Analysis of Activity Patterns of Editors in Collaborative Mapping Project of OpenStreetMapTaha Yasseri, Giovanni Quattrone, Afra Mashhadi
B10Short PaperWikipedia: A new media institution?Kim Osman


C1Full PaperSecurity of Public Continuous Integration ServicesVolker Gruhn, Christoph Hannebauer, Christian John
C2Full PaperCollaborative Development of Data Curation Profiles on a Wiki Platform: Experience from Free and Open Source Software Projects and CommunitiesSulayman K. Sowe, Koji Zettsu
C3Full PaperA Case Study of the Collaborative Approaches to Sustain Open Source Business ModelsShane Coughlan, Tetsuo Noda, Terutaka Tansho
C4Full PaperThe Empirical Commit Frequency Distribution of Open Source ProjectsCarsten Kolassa, Dirk Riehle, Michel Salim
C5Full PaperUser Evolvable Tools in the WebJens Lincke, Robert Hirschfeld


D1Full PaperSeamless Sharing in a Seemingly Divided World – A Glimpse of the Challenges Faced by Creative CommonsPoorna Mysoor
D2Full PaperMetadata Aggregation at GovData.de – An Experience ReportFlorian Marienfeld, Ina Schieferdecker, Evanela Lapi, Nikolay Tcholtchev


E1PosterInterest Classification of Twitter Users using WikipediaKwan Hui Lim, Amitava Datta
E2PosterA Preliminary Study on the Effects of Barnstars on Wikipedia EditingKwan Hui Lim, Amitava Datta and Michael Wise
E3PosterA Graphical User Interface for SILK Data Link Discovery FrameworkRina Singh, Jan Hidders, Feng Xia, Jialiang Kang


F1AbstractImpact of Social Features Implemented in Open Collaboration Platforms on Volunteer Self-Organization: Case Study of Open Source Software DevelopmentJunghong Choi, Bruce Ferwerda, Jungpil Hahn, Jinwoo Kim, Jae Yun Moon
F2AbstractHow do Baidu Baike and Chinese Wikipedia filter contribution? A case study of network gatekeepingHan-Teng Liao
F3AbstractHow does localization influence online visibility of user-generated encyclopedias? A study on Chinese-language Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)Han-Teng Liao
F4AbstractAre Memory Institutions Ready for Open Data and Crowdsourcing? Results of a pilot survey from SwitzerlandBeat Estermann


G1Doctoral SymposiumDrawing the Big Picture: Analyzing FLOSS Collaboration with Temporal Social Network AnalysisAmir Azarbakht
G2Doctoral SymposiumCyberactivism and Nationalistic Communicative Actions of Publics: Framing and Agenda-Building over Wikipedia in International DisputesLaishan Tam
G3Doctoral SymposiumWikipedia as a New Media Institution: Issues of Diversity, Regulation and Sustainability in an Open EncyclopediaKim Osman
G4Doctoral SymposiumWiki Development EnvironmentsChristoph Hannebauer
G5Doctoral SymposiumThe Dynamics of Gatekeeping in Online Collaborative SystemsBluma S Gelley
G6Doctoral SymposiumThe dual role of conflict in Free and Open Source Software developmentAnna Filippova


H1Invited TalkThe Era of OpenPhil Bourne
H2Invited TalkLets raise kids up!Pockey Lam
H3Invited TalkDescending Mount Everest: Steps towards applied Wikipedia researchDario Taraborelli
h2Invited TalkImplementing open licensing in government open data initiatives: a survey of Australian government practiceAnne Fitzgerald, Neale Hooper, John Cook


I1Full PaperA triangulated investigation of using wikis for project-based learning in different undergraduate disciplinesEdwin Chu, Michele Notari, Katherine Chen, Chi Keung Chan, Samuel Chu, Wendy Wu
I2Full PaperEmpowering formative assessment using embedded Web Widgets in WikisMichele Notari, Sonja Schär, Martin Schellenberg, Samuel Kai Wah Chu
I3Short PaperInvolving users to increase their acceptanceAngelika Mühlbauer, Kai Nissen


J1DemoData Twist: An experimental script family to twist Open Data into new shapesShane Coughlan, Tetsuo Noda, Yasumichi Hanagata
J2DemoThe Basic Techniques in Text Mining using Open-source ToolsJun Iio
J3DemoR-Tools: Mediawiki extension for full-scale statistical computingJuha Villman, Einari Happonen
J4DemoAutomated metrics for Wiki-based school assignmentsOren Bochman


K1TutorialVideo Co-creation in Collaborative Online CommunitiesAndrew Lih

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