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Towards End-User Programming With Wikis [WEUSE 2008]

Abstract: When business software fails to provide the desired functionality, users typically turn to spreadsheets to perform simple but general computational tasks. However, spreadsheets enforce a view of the world that consists mostly of tables and numbers rather than the domain concepts users have in mind. We are using wikis as a platform for empowering end-users to perform computational tasks of their choice. This paper discusses how core properties of wikis can support end-user programming. We illustrate our approach using wiki prototype software for working with business objects as made available by SAP’s business application suite.

Reference: Craig Anslow, Dirk Riehle. In Proceedings of the Fourth Workshop in End-User Software Engineering (WEUSE IV). IEEE Press, 2008. Page 61-65.

Available as a PDF file.

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  1. Imre Avatar

    Thank you!
    I will check http://sweble.org

  2. Dirk Riehle Avatar

    We are continuing this idea in a new project called Sweble that my research group is undertaking, see http://sweble.org

  3. Imre Avatar

    Hi Dirk!
    Thank you for the answer,
    // I like this idea !

  4. Dirk Riehle Avatar

    Hi Imre, this work was done at SAP; it was a prototype. It is unfortunately not available as open source software, but honestly, I don’t think it would be very useful if it was %-) Best, Dirk

  5. Imre Avatar

    I would like to ask to : The source code of the project is available?
    ( open source ? )

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