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  1. Daniel Suprunchuk

    Hi! My name is Daniel, I’m from St. Petersburg, Russia. We have a group of people here who would really like to go to Silicon Valley for two weeks or more. The only problem is that we don’t know anybody there and are not exactly sure about the places and the program we’d like to have.
    I wondered if you still provide the tours mentioned on website and if you do maybe we could cooperate and talk everything through before we come to the US.
    If you are interested please contact me.

    1. Dirk Riehle Post author

      Hi Daniel, I’ve left the Silicon Valley, so I can’t serve as a guide, sorry! I’ve told a friend about your request who might approach you then. Enjoy your trip! –Dirk

  2. Mohammad

    Hi Dr. Dirk Riehle,

    I was wondering if you are interested to become my first supervisor.

    Do you accept international students for Phd ?

    My research area is related to open source ERP project management.



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