From Chat Bot to AI (Student Project, TU Berlin, Winter 2016/17)

Project name From Chat Bot to AI
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Project vision The project man­age­ment tool “RPLAN” makes it pos­si­ble to plan projects effi­cient­ly and trans­par­ent­ly. The user’s plan­ning effort should be as small as pos­si­ble. This will be achieved through a smart pro­duct which pro­pos­es fur­ther steps inde­pen­dent­ly to the cus­tomer. For this pur­pose, RPLAN is con­nect­ed to the web inter­face “Slack”, automat­ing the plan­ning process using nat­u­ral lan­guage.
Indus­try part­ner Actano GmbH
Stu­dent team
Project sum­ma­ry Arrow.js sup­ports the user to iden­ti­fy the cor­re­la­tion between mul­ti­ple con­texts and a sin­gle file. We score the rela­tion between dif­fer­ent resources. As the result the user gets a score, which describes the prob­a­bil­i­ty of a con­nec­tion between the­se data sets. This ser­vice is acces­si­ble through a REST call.
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