Chaos Testing (Student Project, FU Berlin, Summer 2016)

Project name Chaos Test­ing
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Project vision A sys­tem to test, if new data and code ver­sions for the DB tick­et book­ing sys­tem are valid. The sys­tem is deployed in a Dock­er con­tain­er to be used in a con­tin­u­ous deliv­ery process. The data and code ver­sions are inte­grat­ed into a VM, given to us by DB Sys­tel, which can get book­ing requests and replies with the same infor­ma­tion the DB book­ing site would. By val­i­dat­ing, if the­se replies are what we expect­ed, we can detect if the new code has errors a lot faster than before, thus improv­ing over­all devel­op­ing speed of DB Sys­tel.
Indus­try part­ner DB Sys­tel
Project sum­ma­ry See project vision
Illus­tra­tion See final project pre­sen­ta­tion
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Mate­ri­als Final project pre­sen­ta­tion

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