Why Open Source is Good for German Software Businesses

I’m on the expert advi­so­ry com­mit­tee of one of the Ger­man par­ties for the cur­rent “Inter­net Enquet­te”, a com­mis­sion tasked by the Ger­man par­lia­ment with sug­gest­ing future direc­tions for Germany’s stance toward the Inter­net and every­thing dig­i­tal. At a meet­ing this evening, a lob­by­ist con­fid­ed in me: “Open source is bad for Ger­man soft­ware ven­dors!” I gasped. He couldn’t be fur­ther from the truth. If this was mechan­i­cal engi­neer­ing or elec­tri­cal engi­neer­ing, he’d be right. ME? EE? Ger­many is top. Soft­ware? Not so. Beyond a few select­ed high­lights, Ger­many is an also-ran inter­na­tion­al­ly. When it comes to soft­ware pro­duct busi­ness­es, Ger­man com­pa­nies would ben­e­fit sig­nif­i­cant­ly if the dice would be rolled again. Any­thing that upsets the cur­rent order can only be an improve­ment over the cur­rent state of affairs. Open source does just that. More pow­er to open source busi­ness mod­els!

3 thoughts on “Why Open Source is Good for German Software Businesses

  1. Carlo Daffara

    Open source is bad for Ger­man soft­ware ven­dors!” — what a lim­it­ed mind behind such a com­ment. Com­pa­nies using OSS are doing bet­ter both in effi­cien­cy and eco­nom­ic fun­da­men­tals that com­pa­nies that use no OSS at all, and code qual­i­ty and fea­tures are both bet­ter than the pro­pri­etary bench­mark.
    The idea that OSS could help the EU soft­ware indus­try was a pet peeve of me-it was one of the mes­sages of the EU work­ing group on libre soft­ware, with the results pre­sent­ed in 1999. I think that not much has changed in terms of atti­tude in the last 13 years.

  2. Stefane Fermigier

    Open source is bad for Ger­man soft­ware ven­dors!” should prob­a­bly be writ­ten: “Open source is bad for *pro­pri­etary* Ger­man soft­ware ven­dors!”. It would become truer, but not entire­ly, since so many pro­pri­etary soft­ware ven­dors are now thriv­ing with prod­ucts devel­oped with OSS com­po­nents.

    Ste­fane Fer­migier, tech entre­pre­neur
    “Well done is bet­ter than well said.” — Ben­jam­in Franklin
    “There’s no such thing as can’t. You always have a choice.” — Ken Gor

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