Open Source Usability and User Experience (Mikko Rajanen, IEEE Computer Column)

I’m happy to report that the 23nd article in the Open Source Expanded column of IEEE Computer has been published.

TitleOpen Source Usability and User Experience
AuthorsMikko Rajanen, University of Oulu
PublicationComputer vol. 56, no. 2 (February 2023), pp. 106-110.

Abstract: This article highlights the challenges of user-centered and usability processes and methods in open source software development and provides some answers for these challenges.

As always, the article is freely available (local copy).

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Incentivizing German Universities to Capitalize on Their Intellectual Property

In a recent position paper, SPRIN-D, an innovation agency of the German government, proposed that universities license their intellectual property (IP) to university startups in return for virtual shares. This approach is suggested as a practice to work around universities who stall startup licensing deals due to unrealistic assumptions (e.g. lump-sum upfront payment). The problem being solved, however, is only at the end of a long chain of necessary changes, before the specifics of a licensing deal even become relevant.

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