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Some time ago, I attended an informational event held by a well-heeled German VC firm. On the registration form, I checked off a box saying that we either had founded or were about to found a technology company. This was the only interaction I've ever had with that firm.

In July, I received the following email:

    Dear Dirk,
    Thank you for your applying to <<name of firm>>.
    In order to work on your proposal, please send an executive summary
    in English to <<email address>>.
    Thanks and best regards,

Since I had no intent of "applying," I ignored this email.

In September then, I received another email:

    Dear Mr Riehle,
    Thank you again for your inquiry relating to your entrepreneurial
    project. We asked you to send us further information in English but to
    date we unfortunately have not received anything from you. We therefore
    conclude that you are not interested in proceeding. 
    However, you are welcome to return with appropriate documents at any
    time. Please take into consideration our indications for the necessary
    documents under the menu item "Application" on our website. Instead of
    a complete business plan you may also send us a meaningful executive
    summary which summarizes your business plan (with a size of no more
    than three pages in English).
    We are looking forward to hearing from you at any time.
    Best regards,

Yep, way to go. I guess I shouldn't be arrogant, but still...

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