The California Bay Area Survival Kit for Germans


  • CostCo has the occassional German cuisine
  • Award-winning Dittmer’s gives you German sausages a-plenty
  • Esther’s Bakery, also located in Mountain View, offers German bread
  • There is the Crossworlds World Market
  • Saag’s Bockwurst is (decent) Weisswurst; many places now
  • And if everything fails, just mail-order from German Deli



6 Replies to “The California Bay Area Survival Kit for Germans”

  1. You need to add Gourmet Haus Staudt in Redwood City. Good beer, and a very easy to choose from menu. Plus the additional iphone prototype.

  2. Also the guys from are a good source for all things sweet – i fulfill all my cravings there.. YUMMM!

  3. Nice list. I learned about some restaurants I didn’t know before in the comments. Thank you!
    You should definitely try the Suppenkueche in SF. It’s awesome, but be ready for a wait. Best way is to be there before 5 and be one of the first ones in line 😉
    Only one year old, but worth a visit is Ludwig’s German table in San Jose downtown.
    Cheers, Kathrin

  4. Cool list, I’ve got to mention Lehr’s German Specialties in Noe Valley. Been around for decades and is the last remnant of Noe Valley’s old “Germantown”. Brought my first ever Weißwurst from there.

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