The California Bay Area Survival Kit for Germans


  • CostCo has the occassional German cuisine
  • Award-winning Dittmer’s gives you German sausages a-plenty
  • Esther’s Bakery, also located in Mountain View, offers German bread
  • There is the Crossworlds World Market
  • Saag’s Bockwurst is (decent) Weisswurst; many places now
  • And if everything fails, just mail-order from German Deli



5 Replies to “The California Bay Area Survival Kit for Germans”

  1. You need to add Gourmet Haus Staudt in Redwood City. Good beer, and a very easy to choose from menu. Plus the additional iphone prototype.

  2. Also the guys from are a good source for all things sweet – i fulfill all my cravings there.. YUMMM!

  3. Nice list. I learned about some restaurants I didn’t know before in the comments. Thank you!
    You should definitely try the Suppenkueche in SF. It’s awesome, but be ready for a wait. Best way is to be there before 5 and be one of the first ones in line 😉
    Only one year old, but worth a visit is Ludwig’s German table in San Jose downtown.
    Cheers, Kathrin

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