The California Bay Area Survival Kit for Germans


  • Cost­Co has the occas­sion­al Ger­man cuisine
  • Award-winning Dittmer’s gives you Ger­man sausages a-plenty
  • Esther’s Bak­ery, also locat­ed in Moun­tain View, offers Ger­man bread
  • There is the Cross­worlds World Mar­ket
  • Saag’s Bock­wurst is (decent) Weis­s­wurst; get it at Whole Food’s or Andronico’s
  • And if every­thing fails, just mail-order from Ger­man Deli




  • AccordX: Dirt-cheap, pro­fi­cient, unfriend­ly (don’t be dis­tract­ed by the run down web­site and office exte­ri­or; they are great)

4 thoughts on “The California Bay Area Survival Kit for Germans

  1. Martin Stein

    You need to add Gourmet Haus Staudt in Red­wood City. Good beer, and a very easy to choose from menu. Plus the addi­tion­al iphone pro­to­type.

  2. Regina

    Also the guys from are a good source for all things sweet — i ful­fill all my crav­ings there.. YUMMM!


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