Upcoming Talk: Best of Our Empirical Open Source Work

I’m at SOFSEM 2013, where I’ll present my current stock research talk: “Best of Our Empirical Open Source Work.” It is an invited talk. I’ve given it a few times now and expect to do many more during the course of 2013. Here is the abstract of this “best-of” talk:

Open source software is publicly developed software. Thus, for the first time, we can broadly analyse in data-driven detail how people program, how bugs come about, and how we could improve our tools. In this talk, I’ll review six years of our open source empirical (data) research and highlight the most interesting insights, including how different (or not) open source is from closed source programming.

Let me know if you are interested!

New Talk: How and Why IT User Companies Sponsor Open Source

New talk! For German, see below. Other stock talks here. If you are interested in this talk, feel free to contact me.

Topics Open source, IT user company, open source foundation, sponsored open source
Audience CIO, CFO, product manager, project manager
Format 45min talk, 60min talk
Level Intermediate

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