Row 21 MUC to SFO

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Checking into an Airbus 340 is something of a gamble if you are flying economy class. Do you take a row 21 seat or not? If you do, you might be able to snatch the power outlet from a passenger in business class. You might also end up sitting next to an ill-behaved kid, as this is the row where they put parents with children.

On this flight, I decided to risk it, and I got both. A friendly business class passenger who let me use his power outlet, and a highly obnoxious kid and his mother next to me.

What gives? I got a couple of hours of work done that I won't have to put in on the weekend. In return I got my $20 pants ruined when the kid hit me while eating pasta. I also got a bruise when he threw his metal toy car at me. Mostly, however, I got reminded of the variety of cultures awaiting me in the United States.

PS: After a while, the kid and her mother were made to move and they got replaced by some horizontally overwhelming woman flying high on Bailey's. Oh boy...

PPS: To top everything off, the stewardess spilled a whole cup of orange juice onto my pants. How good they had already been stained before.

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