Having Fun Thinking About AI Challenges

“AI” (or just smart algorithms, if you will, where smart will be plain in a few years and dumb in 10 years) is on the rise, no doubt about it. As a consequence, I’ve been having fun with “AI challenges” of the sort: Could a computer figure this out? As an example, take a look at the advertisement below. It is for a conference of University chancellors in Germany (administrative leaders of their universities). Could a computer figure out the disconnect between the depicted young people, presumably students, and the more advanced-in-years chancellors of their universities?

To do so, a computer would have to recognize the humans in the photo, determine their age, determine that the advertisement tries to speak to humans, and that those spoken to are on average 20 years older than those depicted. Ideally, the computer would also smile over the feel-good message of depicting young people where you would have expected a different clientèle. All of this out of a body of a large number of possible correlations with other facts.

I’m not an AI researcher so I’m genuinely curious about how easy such tasks are today.

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